My Manifesto

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My Manifesto

Post  Chris J Adshead on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:59 pm

To all LSD Memebers who will be voting in the Party President election day.

My introduction

I am Christopher J Adshead, named Chris J Adshead on the forums, i have been an erepublik citizen for around 5 months and i am an active member of the forums. I regared every member of the Liberal Social Democrats as equal and all entitled to their opionon. (I know i haven't spelled that right, can somebody plz correct me?)

I am running for this position mainly because our current Party Presdient isn't running for re-election, also i feel that i am ready for this task a is have been on erepublik for a few months and been a member of the LSD for a while as well.

My experiance

I am a former LSD Small Party rep and during that time i reprsented the LSD well along wit hthe other Small Party reps.

LSD Senior Adviser- I was appointed to this position by our current LSD Party President viberb10 and have been a loyal Senior Adviser and listened to the opions of other LSD members and taken them all into account.

Why you should vote for me & what i will do if elected

Like i said ealier on i have been on erepublik for many months and an active member of the erepublik forums. I also have recieved backing form some experianced members of the LSD including our current LSD Party President. I also have alot of time to dedicate to this game, so if something needs doing i will do it and I will do it to the best of my potential.

If i am elected I will do my best to maintain our good relationships wit hthe PCP and our alliance with the BAP, i will also try to get the party to regain it's position as 6th party, and then when that is done, break into the Top 5.
Also i will recrut more LSD Regional Officers, at the moment alot of positions are free and it will be one of my main aims to get more postiosn filled in.

(I know that they are some spelling errors in this article, can somebody here correct them, just post a reply with the correct spelling )

Please give me your feedback on this and what i can do to make it better and things i should/can include
Chris J Adshead

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Re: My Manifesto

Post  Johny Stulic on Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:01 pm

Wish you a luck

Johny Stulic

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